Maddie grew up in the humid swamps of Florida and fell in love with acting when she was put into a drama class in middle school by mistake. From there she decided to pursue an acting career and move to Los Angeles.


   Maddie has always been a shy and awkward kid so that  influences the type of characters she plays: the lovable outcast. As an adult, she’s been able to embrace her power;

 personified in off-kilter, not what you'd expect female roles. 


   She see a lot of herself in Julia garner and Jennifer Jason Leigh with a love for period and western pieces. Maddie is inspired by shows like The Handmaids Tale and Orange is the New Black. 


   Maddie has always said that her purpose in this industry is to give a voice to the character in the back of the room because she was that kid. 


   In her spare time, she is a makeup artist with a chubby yorkie at home. 

About me 

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